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Chicks Chances, an American Quarter Horse Stallion stood at open stud with FieldguardAs long term horse breeders, Fieldguard continually found a lack of safe products for their horses. With this in mind Fieldguard took it upon themselves to not only develop, but supply a range of high quality stable mats and horse electric fencing. Fieldguard have used direct sales since 1984 with a view to not only provide the best quality products but also for the most competitive prices. All of our products have been developed by horse owners for horse owners and are always made with safety and comfort of horses as a prime concern, combined with best value for money. This same ethic is now continued in to our ever expanding range of products for use in other markets.

Our field mats, which are used for grass protection and gravel containment, are also widely used by schools and local authorities as safety surfacing in playgrounds. The mats are fully tested to BS EN 1177 and are also used as shop floor anti fatigue mats. We also supply a range of solid interlocking rubber floors which provide an excellent, professional looking and hard wearing surface for garages, cellars, gymnasiums and workshops.

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Our equestrian rubber mats have been developed to satisfy all needs from mats that provide a complete bedding system with under-bed draining; to wall mats and anti-cast strips. We also supply mats for horsebox and trailer ramps and floors as well as horse walkers (horse walker mats). All these mats are easily kept clean with our Green Gloop germicidal disinfectant.

With Fieldguard electric horse fencing you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your horse is safely confined (or excluded!). Fieldguard electric fencing is easily adapted for use as either a permanent or movable fencing system, providing a perfect horse fencing solution.

Fieldguard Horse Fenced In Safely Fieldguard Green Gloop Fieldguard Safe Surfaces for playgrounds Fieldguard M116 Mats Tractor Fieldguard Mats with Dog Fieldguard Horses Grazing in Fenced Field

Fieldguard can provide everything for all your equestrian and safe surface requirements.

Fieldguard are able to provide high quality components to create the perfect electric fencing system. Ideal for livery yards, stallion fencing and stud fencing. With a combination of moveable and permanent systems, gates, mains energisers, battery energisers, tensioners, insulators Fieldguard electric fence tape will contain, or exclude many animals, both domestic and wild, including:- Horses, Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, donkeys, deer, fox, rabbits.

Fieldguard provide: Rubber mats. Rubber sheets. Solid rubber tiles. Interlocking rubber tiles. Honeycomb and holey mats. Ring mats. Bedding mats. Horse walker mats. Horse mats. Stable mats. Rubber playground mats and EVA mats which are long lasting, hard wearing and non-slip. These are ideal for: Stable floors. Stable walls. Field shelters. Horse walkers. Anti-cast strips. Fields. Muddy gateways. Drive ways. Car parks at sports clubs. Grass protection. Gravel containment. Anti fatigue mats. Safety surfaces. Garages. Dog kennels. Dog runs. Drive ways. Car parks. Golf courses. Mini mazes. Labyrinth. School playgrounds and play areas. Acoustic Barrier Rubber Mats. Playground safety surfaces which are fully accredited to BS EN 1177 standards.

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