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Fieldguard BS EN 1177 Playground Safe Surfaces and Grass Re-Inforcement Rubber Mats

BS EN 1177 (Impact Absorbtion) BS 7188 (Slip Resistance) BS 5173 (Flame Retardance)

Honeycomb Mats

A Playground using the Fieldguard M8 Mat as a safe surface
A Playground using the Fieldguard M8 Mat as a safe surface
The holey mats (Or ring mats) are in two thicknesses. The M522 (7/8") is for soft ground. The holey mats (Honeycomb mats) can be locked together with inter-locks. Most of these holey mats are also available in fireproof compound with a flame out time of two seconds.



Price List   (Delivery Charges extra. All goods sold within the E.U. subject to UK VAT AT THE CURRENT RATE).

Honeycomb Mat M530
C.F.H Grass 2.8m
900mm x 900mm x  30mm (3’ x 3’ x 1 3/16”) 18 kilos Fieldguard M530 Honeycomb Mat Black: 25.25
The mats clip together with in-built locking tabs to make up a single larger surface. Stiffer than the M522/M52L mats they extremely tough and hard wearing. For very soft and muddy ground. They are also ideal in wash areas, or in children’s playgrounds (for which they, together with the M130, were specifically developed). 

Thick Honeycomb Mat M522
Grass 2.55m
Concrete 0.80m
0.8m x 1.2m x 22mm (2'7" x 3'11" x 7/8") 11.5 kilos Fieldguard M522 Honeycomb Grass Protection Mat Black: 12.00
The mats can be laid on any surface without pre-preparation and then sown with grass seed. These are ideal for grass protection, grass pathways, heavily used/poached grass, wet and muddy areas and safe play areas.

Grass 2.55m
Concrete 0.80m
22mm Black holey mat 1.00m x 1.50m (3'3" x 4'11") and 16.5 kilos Fieldguard M52L grass reinforcement and playground safety mat Black: 17.00
A larger version of the M522 and therefore a more stable product, particularly in play areas. All honeycomb mats will become virtually immovable once the grass has grown through them.

C.F.H Grass 2.5m
22mm Heavy duty black holey mat 1.00m x 1.50m (3'3" x 4'11") and 17.5 kilos Fieldguard M522/M52/M52LO Heavy Duty Grass Mat Black: 19.00
This heavy duty version of the honeycomb mat is most suitable where heavy use is envisaged. They are ideal when vehicles are involved, but need to be laid on harder substrate if used in a car park.

M50 Rubber Connectors that lock M522/M52L honeycomb mats together. On average you shall require 3 connectors per mat. 0.50
M50P Plastic pins that secure the edges of M522/M52L honeycomb mats prior to grass growth. 7 per 50
CT Telephone cables ties which bind all honeycomb mats together into a large single unit. 2 per 100

Playground Safety Mats For Use As Playground Mats

The Fieldguard M8, M10 and M5 family of rubber mats are all fully accredited to BS EN 1177 for use as a playground safety surface. On to a concrete surface the M8 has a critical fall height of 0.58m and the M10, 0.53m. Within the M5 family of mats the M522, M52L and M52LO have a CFH of 2.5m on to a grass sub-base whilst the M530 achieved 2.8m. All of these high quality long lasting mats are being used with great success in a wide variety of applications throughout the country.

Solid Rubber Sheets and Interlocking Rubber Tiles

A comprehensive range of solid rubber mats suitable for a wide variety of uses including temporary or permanent paths, temporary floors on soft surfaces, terrace patio surfaces and muddy & wet areas. They are slip resistant, hard wearing and very long lasting and give superb electrical insulation. Some of these mats are available in fireproof compound with a flame out time of two seconds.

M116 3’ x 3’ (900mm x 900mm) and 5.5 kilos Black: 12.00
A revolutionary new concept in rubber mats and floors. Interlocking mats are light and easy to handle and are quick and easy to self lay. Their underside design ensures suppleness whilst their top surface is solid and non slip. They present a neat, professional looking, easily cleaned, hard wearing, and warm flooring with significant anti fatigue properties.    
M130 3’ x 3’ (900mm x 900mm) and 20 kilos Black: 25.25
The thicker (M130) is VERY soft and provides a hard wearing surface for heavy duty use such as a stable bed, individual gym and sports mats, games/activity mats heavily trafficked areas, play grounds, industrial machine shop floors or major vehicle usage.    
Large Sheet M8
Concrete 0.50m
1.22m x 0.915m x 20mm (4' x 3' x 13/16") 21 kilos Fieldguard Solid Grass Protection M8 Mat Black: 21.25
These can be used as temporary or permanent paths, temporary floors on soft surfaces, terrace patio surfaces and muddy & wet areas.
M70 10mm thin rubber slab measuring 1.83m x 1.22m (6' x 4') and 27 kilos Fieldguard M70 Rubber Sheet Surface for lorry floors or walkways Black: 31.00 
A 10mm thin rubber slab with the same ameobic top surface as the M8 and broad grooves on the underside. A long lasting mat for covering slippery, or hard concrete, earth or wood walkways as well as lorry and Pick up floors.
Concrete 0.50m
1.83m x 1.22m (6' x 4') and 39 kilos Fieldguard M10 heavy duty thick rubber slab available in the flame proof variety Black: 41.00
An 18mm thick rubber slab with the same ameobic top surface as the M8 and broad grooves on the underside. Their weight ensures that they will not move except under the most extreme circumstances.
M13 1.2m x 10m (4' x 32'6") and weigh 35 kilos Fieldguard M13 Thin rubber non slip rubber sheet with rough top surface Black : 100.00 per roll
Thin 3mm rubber sheet with a rough top surface and grooves on the underside. This goes on passage way floors. Ideal as a soft, slip resistant surface laid in passageways and corridors.
M14 1m x 5m (3'3" x 16'3") and weigh 56 kilos Fieldguard M14 a thin hard wearing rubber sheet, superb electrical insulation Black: 75.00 per roll
Thin 5mm rubber sheet, plain on both surfaces. Tough and thick with superb electrical insulation.

Slip resistant surface of the M7, M70, M8 and M10

Slip resistant surface of the M70, M8 and M10

All prices exclude delivery and VAT.

Please note that items with an asterisk (*) beside the price are Special Order Items. Fieldguard do not carry stocks of these products. They are made against a specific order and delivery times vary from ten days to three months.

Assured Quality

All of our mats are made by our factories in India. To minimize pollution and carbon emissions they practise the most modern existing production techniques and use a mix of reclaimed and raw latex.  No polyurethane or other pollutants that reduce durability, are employed. They also operate equal opportunity and fair pay policies.

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